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QM7 Chooses Itzik Anijar of Cofix as Execution Leader of the Month

May 1, 2018

The QM7 company announced that vice-president of finance, accountant Itzik Anijar from the Cofix Group, had been selected as QM7 Execution Leader of the Month.  Anijar was chosen thanks to his leveraging QM7 to improve management efficiency of licensing systems and public inquiries to Cofix throughout the country. 




As vice-president of finance of the Cofix Group, Anijar realizes that any problem in licensing with one of the company’s stores could lead to financial harm to the group as a whole.  Cofix has more than 150 branches spread throughout Israel and each branch requires extensive work involving numerous requirements such as city permits, fire and police regulations, accessibility laws, cameras , and many more.


Before using the QM7 system, the previous licensing and service manager used dozens and dozens of Excel spreadsheets to track every detail.  Who has permits and who doesn’t?  Until when did the company need to provide a response to a municipality with regards to accessibility?  When did they need to renew a license?  Is the branch manager aware of this?

In addition, Cofix has a public inquiry system and needed to ensure that all requests were handled appropriately.  Each request must be considered in terms of which branch it relates to, who will handle the issue, whether a proper response can be provided, and what the response should be.




All of these issues were being managed by a single manager who needed to be able to gather all the information, organize it, make sure that what needed to be done was actually followed through, and on time.  When Shaul Amsterdam stepped into the role of licensing and service manager, he didn’t know which methods his predecessor had used or what the current status was of every single location and license.

Yigal Bromer, partner and vice-president of innovation of QM7 explained that he and Itzik had been friends for many years.  “When Itzik told me about his need to manage licensing in the various branches of the chain, I immediately knew that I could help.  I told him about the success we’d had in similar situations and how the QM7 system provided managers with a solution that could offer them peace of mind.”


Currently, after two months of working with the QM7 system, it’s already possible to determine that all Cofix branches are being managed within this single central system. The system organizes information in folders in each branch’s name and all of each branch’s content is managed within file: for instance, who’s managing the branch and which permits it has.  One goal of the system was to manage to create value for the organization around on the topic of licensing and public inquiries, and then to leverage the success within various other areas of the company.

Today, with the QM7 system operating within Cofix, it’s already possible to say that there’s been a reduction of risks of failure to comply with regulations.  "When all information about every one of hundreds of branches is located in a single place, it will be possible to manage the information with even more peace of mind with the knowledge that things are indeed being taken care of".


QM7 recognizes "Execution Leaders" who leverage QM7 to get things done effectively. These leaders run great meetings with clear action items, followed by effective execution. They engage the team with long and short-term goals and inspire everyone with confidence and peace of mind.

Execution Leaders receive their own dedicated post on QM7 blog. We also promote our Executive Leaders on social channels, providing maximum exposure to top-level leaders around the globe.

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About Cofix Group:

Cofix Group, Inc., known by its brand name Cofix, is a chain of Israeli coffee shops, bars, and convenience stores established in November 2013.  The uniqueness of the chain is in its uniform fixed pricing, which in its early years was 5 shekels for every single item sold in every branch of the chain.  The chain operates using a take-away model, and in April 2018 reached 156 branches through Israel, including 127 coffee shops and bars and 29 convenience stores.  The group’s vision is to reach 300 branches across Israel, all offering price, quality, and a positive experience.  Cofix is a publicly-traded company owned by Avi Katz and Rami Levy.



About QM7:

QM7 is Dan Ariely's Enterprise To-Do List, that brings together strategy execution and peace of mind at all levels from team members to senior executives. Our solution is already serving a number of large and midsize organizations.



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