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QM7 chooses Einav Bar Nes of the Tel Aviv Municipality as Execution Leader of the Month

July 1, 2018


The QM7 company announced that Einav Bar Nes, senior manager of the city licensing bureau for the Municipality of Tel Aviv, had been selected as QM7 Execution Leader of the Month. Bar Nes was chosen for revolutionizing the licensing department, leveraging QM7 to improve management efficiency of discussions and tasks as defined throughout the ongoing project



The process began about five years ago when Bar Nes arrived in the licensing department and began managing the new licensing bureau which had been established. Bar Nes received a staff of 18 to lead and manage with no internal ranks. In his previous role, Bar Nes was construction Inspector for one of the largest companies in Israeli industry and there he managed tasks using Outlook’s built-in tools. Bar Nes knew the old method but knew that in the present situation, it simply wouldn’t offer enough efficiency. With too many activities and too many team members, he simply couldn’t rely on email to manage everything optimally.


Bar Nes decided that he needed a highly focused tool and turned to the computing department with a request for software that would meet his department’s needs. The computing department recommended QM7, which was already in use within other municipal departments. He decided to try it out for himself. After a brief training session, Bar Nes recognized the possibilities and

decided to run with it. He requested that it be installed on all staff members’ computers and transferred all logistics of management, meetings, tasks, and decisions to QM7. Once a week, Bar Nes’s secretary assessed open tasks and determined which deadlines hadn’t been met and send out reminders. In this way, as Bar Nes says, he solved the whole issue of logistics without the need for an intermediate stage. “With mail, things got lost—with QM7, things get done and are under control”.


After he’d solved this key logistics problem, Bar Nes moved on to managing other projects for which he was responsible, included the city’s online licensing project. The online licensing system was intended to allow online submission of requests for approval in a totally paperless fashion. The online system was customized to the department’s needs and the city’s unique design specifications as well as to interface with other computerized systems within the municipality. This project, too, he supervised closely, with all management discussion taking place through QM7. “I enjoyed being able to manage tasks within conversations, easily tracking everything that gets done from one meeting to the next.” Branch manager Udi Carmeli welcomed Bar Nes’s changes, including the new method and use of QM7, and showed interest in transferring the branch's entire operations to the system. And when assistant CEO Ruby Zaluf was looking for a system to manage annual projects, Bar Nes was the one who demonstrated the use of QM7.


QM7 recognizes "Execution Leaders" who leverage QM7 to get things done effectively. These leaders run great meetings with clear action items, followed by effective execution. They engage the team with long and short-term goals and inspire everyone with confidence and peace of mind.

Execution Leaders receive their own dedicated post on QM7 blog. We also promote our Executive Leaders on social channels, providing maximum exposure to top-level leaders around the globe.

To learn more, or to offer yourself, your team or someone you know, click here.


About the Tel Aviv Municipality:

The Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality is the local controlling organization, with the status of a municipality, which is responsibility for ongoing management of the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo. The “mechanism” of the Tel Aviv Municipality includes about 7,000 employees (a number which doesn’t include employees of nonprofit organizations and contractor employees), who are employed in various city departments and administrations. As of 2018, the city’s population stands at about half a million. About half a million people work in the city every single day.



About QM7:

QM7 is Dan Ariely's Enterprise To-Do List, that brings together strategy execution and peace of mind at all levels from team members to senior executives. Our solution is already serving a number of large and midsize organizations.



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