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QM7 Chooses Eyal Ariely from the Meuhedet Health Fund as Execution Leader of the Month

June 1, 2018


The QM7 company announced that Eyal Ariely, Manager of Information with the Finance Branch of the Meuhedet Health Fund, had been selected as QM7 Execution Leader of the Month. Eyal was chosen

 thanks to his resourcefulness in leveraging QM7 to improve team management efficiency, promoting analytical tasks and data analysis throughout the entire organization. 



 When Ariely became manager of the Information Department within the Finance Branch, he was alone, with no staff. At that time, like many others, he was using Excel to manage personal tasks he needed to accomplish. The Information Department deals with a wide variety of issues from research to conducting analysis and responding to regulatory requests (Ministry of Health), including tasks defined by annual work plans within the department. Ariely’s work was recognized by management and his role and responsibilities grew accordingly, along with the team he was managing. Even now, as of this writing, an additional employee is being transferred to Ariely’s team. Currently in the Information Department, there are four information analysts and a CO project manager with SAP.


As Ariely’s team grew, he became increasingly aware that he couldn’t continue to manage using Excel spreadsheets. Therefore, Ariely started looking for a

  quality project-leadership and employee team-management solution. Ariely is a former information systems specialist and in his previous company, he used customized management solutions for staff task management, so he already understood well the value inherent within a central task-management system. When the need for effective management became clear, Ariely initiated an inquiry to the Information Systems department to find out which tools the organization might allow him to use. Information Systems representatives told him about QM7, which was already operating within the organization, allowing managers to lead teams efficiently. Hearing this, Ariely decided to test out the system.


Entirely on his own, and within a very short time, Ariely taught himself how to use the system, and the moment he realized that he had found an efficient tool for managing his team, he decided to use it to manage all his team’s tasks. While his staff was working on tasks they’d received from Ariely, he could find out exactly what was going on with every single task at any given time and manage what was truly important. Today, the entire team knows that their personal and team meetings will take place through QM7. Before each meeting, Ariely uses QM7 to plan the tasks which must be discussed during the meeting. During the meeting, with QM7 displayed on the computer screen, Ariely and a team member look over the status of tasks and correct unresolved issues. Together, they establish prioritization for tasks in order to meeting coming goals.


Currently, with the QM7 already in place for a few years within Ariely’s department, it’s clear that its implementation has been a great success. The time savings and reduction in tasks falling between the cracks speak for themselves. Ariel says that there’s been an “almost total reduction in tasks being forgotten. An improvement in task implementation times has also stemmed from the noticeable reduction in the number of tasks forgotten which come back when they’re ‘on fire.’ Improving internal department communications. Managing workloads and significantly improving task-performance timetables".


QM7 recognizes "Execution Leaders" who leverage QM7 to get things done effectively. These leaders run great meetings with clear action items, followed by effective execution. They engage the team with long and short-term goals and inspire everyone with confidence and peace of mind.

Execution Leaders receive their own dedicated post on QM7 blog. We also promote our Executive Leaders on social channels, providing maximum exposure to top-level leaders around the globe.

To learn more, or to offer yourself, your team or someone you know, click here.


About the Meuhedet Health Fund:

Meuhedet was founded in 1974 and today it’s the third-largest health fund in Israel, providing services to more than a million clients throughout the country. The growth rate of Meuhedet’s clientele has been the highest of any health fund. Meuhedet has more than 250 clinics throughout Israel and it employs more than 3,500 doctors. Among Meuhedet’s many services, it also offers complementary medicine, pain clinics, dental clinics, insurance, along with various institutes and laboratories.




About QM7:

QM7 is Dan Ariely's Enterprise To-Do List, that brings together strategy execution and peace of mind at all levels from team members to senior executives. Our solution is already serving a number of large and midsize organizations.



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