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Peace of Mind

January 18, 2018


When I joined QM7, I looked for a tagline for the company, which helps major enterprise organizations track execution of management decisions, strategies and action items. I consulted Prof. Dan Ariely, who helps us a lot with insights from his behavioral economic research. His original idea was "Peace of Mind." By providing people with a tool that keeps a record of everything that has to be done and keeps everyone in the company accountable to their part of the action, we can reduce a significant amount of stress and give people the "peace of mind" they want. We thought this was a good start, but it could also be the tagline for a yoga school meditation website. Eventually, we selected "Execution Peace of Mind."

So how does a strategy execution software deliver peace of mind?
If you ever feel stressed because all the things you have to do, you agreed to do or you want others to do are floating around in your brain, you know what I mean. It keeps you from the peace of mind you need to actually do things or talk effectively with other people.

Especially if in the middle of working, you suddenly come up with an idea about your business or something else you have to do. Are you going to do it right now and abandon the things you were trying to concentrate on? Are you going to just keep concentrating and lose the idea?

Want a better way?
You may want to read David Allen's book: Getting Things Done.


Don't have time to read the book? Take 10 minutes to watch this:

Allen says that in order to avoid the stress, we need to manage "to-do" items out of our brain, using a digital tool, or a notepad if you are still in the 80s.

It is important though to have a single tool for all your to-dos. I learned it the hard way one evening, trying to search for a sticky note. I was almost sure I wrote a bright idea for a client presentation on that note.
Once you select your to-do list tool, make sure to review it on a timely basis. Otherwise, it gets bloated and goes out of control, bringing you back from a peace of mind to panic. Set an hour every week and 10 minutes every morning to review the list:

  • Check completed item

  • Delegate whatever you can

  • Delete low priority items

  • Put important items on the calendar to make sure you dedicate time to work on them.

It will take you a while to feel the benefit, so keep doing it for the first month even if you have to force yourself.


About QM7

QM7 manages board meetings and team meetings, creates dynamic meeting minutes, engages people and tracks action items at all levels of the enterprise.

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