Execution Peace of Mind.


  • QM7 enables to execute your strategy. You can track action items and hold everybody accountable for what they committed to deliver.

  • QM7 enables you to track action items in a central repository, allows you to find them faster, see the big picture and zoom-in for details.

  • QM7 enables sending tasks with context so people are fully engaged and feel they are part of the bigger mission.

  • QM7 comply with regulation so task management keeps an audit trail. QM7 also allows for complex situations, like when someone else has to approve that a task is successfully complete.

Peace of Mind.

  • Keeping track of all the things you have to do, you agreed to do or you want others to do can be very stressful.


  • In order to execute the best, your team needs peace of mind, and you need some too.


  • QM7 offers a single repository of execution data combined with research-backed leadership and motivational methodology.

  • Tasks are managed away from your busy mind, allowing everyone to access them when needed. Now, everyone has the peace of mind to perform at his or her best.

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