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Rami Sartani



In Israel, when a major supplier of aircraft innovation and aircraft security decided to manage its internal tasks and decisions, it needed a new solution, not available within the company. This was not a trivial issue as Israel Aerospace Industries does everything in-house. Apart from a well-known external ERP solution, the thirty-some applications used by the 16,000+ employees of the company are created on site and proprietary to IAI.

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IAI has access to the best and the brightest people. Some personnel is recruited straight from elite units of the Israeli army. Its facilities near the main Israeli airport are under permanent scrutiny and so is its staff. Yet, IAI faced a problem that needed a solution fast. This huge company, with a hierarchy to match, had no system to keep track of tasks within that hierarchy.

With six divisions, divided into several plants and each of these plants running their own administration, the decision tree is large and wide. Hence, every assigned task runs the risk of falling through the cracks. Just sending an email is not enough. There may be an assignment but how does the manager keep track whether this task is done? How can someone in the upper echelon oversee how his orders are being executed?Previously, senior management had difficulty keeping track of the many decisions taken in departmental meetings.


Yehiel Golan, Director of Quality Management at IAI puts it succinctly: “Within any given year, tens of thousands of tasks are assigned. Hundreds of meetings are held. Imagine keeping track of that.” It was clear that a system would have to be put into place. Israel Aerospace Industries would probably have developed something in-house to deal with the problem, but they didn’t have to. QM7 was already there. QM7 had been developed to meet the exact challenges that IAI was facing. Moreover, QM7 addressed the security issues that an internal development team would have had to tackle. So, IAI did the unexpected. They adopted QM7 as their task manager: Every employee defines and performs tasks within its boundaries. Task reports are automatically created and available to managers residing higher in the chain of command.

Yehiel Golan, Director of Quality Management



QM7 is IAI’s main window to its efficiency. Every three months senior management starts its quarter by analyzing its findings: How many meetings; who attended. How did my missions filter down to actually achieve the goals I set? Rami Sartani, CIO of Israel Aerospace Industries knows what QM7 means in real terms: “Information streaming is essential. We are dealing with hundreds of millions of dollars and very tight schedules. QM7 is the tool that allows us to keep track of the smallest tasks and follow them up.” The IAI employee Intranet portal shows a unique reliance on QM7. Any time an employee accesses the Portal he sees his tasks. Green and red - to represent completed missions and tasks yet to be completed. QM7 did not just provide IAI with the software. It was very important to emulate an in-house solution, including permanent technical support. QM7 staff was available at all times to answer questions and help with the massive implementation of 8000 plus users. Says Golan: “QM7 has been as easy to incorporate as anything we design in-house. Because of my position in IAI, any technical support issues automatically come to me. I rarely need assistance, but if I do it’s there, immediately. ”


Israel Aerospace Industries is a powerful company and security is of critical importance. With crucial defense systems on land and at sea, its security systems are similar to that of a major bank and possibly more so. Millions of people depend on it. Anti-ballistic missiles, navigation systems, and even business jets rely on IAI’s technology. Time and budget constraints are paramount. QM7 is a vital component to keep IAI ahead of its competition. Says Rami Sartani, CIO of Israel Aerospace Industries: “Sharing information is the lifeblood of IAI. With the tight schedules, we have to follow, QM7 gives us the cutting edge.”

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