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How It Works

You have successfully completed the session and you want to inform the person who needs it, QM7 allows you to send a summary of the discussion and tasks to all the relevant parties and allows you peace of mind.

Let everyone know
Meeting by email
Tasks by email
Always be in control

The following discussion comes and you know that some of the tasks were carried out while some were not. You want to be sharp and make the most of the discussion so you want to get ready. QM7 allows you to get ready in minutes even if it's a long discussion with lots of tasks, so you're always ready no matter what.

Tasks management
Meeting management
Tasks mangement
Let everyone know what they should do

You come to the office after a long meeting and try to remember what you wanted to do. QM7 gives you one place for your enterprise’s to-do list so you can do what you know the best, without trying to recall all the time.

Make sure people are engaged with the activities in hand and go the extra mile to achieve them

Employee engagement is not just a buzzword. Research shows that when we understand the “Why,” we are much more effective and engaged. In QM7, an action item that comes from a meeting includes the summary of the relevant meeting section. That means the action item comes with the context.

Employee engagement

Your meetings are the major key to running the organization, and if they work properly, the organization works as needed. QM7 allows you to accurately record all meeting minutes, including topics, tasks, and decisions all in one place.

It all starts with a meeting
Meeting management

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