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QM7 names Ivy Berreby of Israel Railways as Latest Execution leader of The Month

Execution Leader / 03.2018/ Ivy Berreby

QM7, which combines expertise and knowledge in organizational consulting and depth of technology solutions, has announced the winner of the "Execution leader" award. The winner of the prize is Ivy Berreby from the Israel Railways. Ivy was selected for the QM7 leverage for safety promotion and process management that she has led in Israel Railways in recent years.

As assistant of VP Safety, Ivy is responsible for the meticulous tracking of the processes in order to ensure that all Israel Railways safety processes are implemented in order to provide a safe environment for all passengers and employees of Israel Railways. 
Ivy is one of the first pioneers to efficiently manage the processes in Israel Railways with the QM7 system since January 2015.

Before the QM7 system, Ivy wrote the summary of the discussions of the Israel Railways in various ways. She had to track countless incoming and outgoing emails, and various systems, to ensure that all the tasks and decisions made in the discussions were carried out. "There was no single task system that allowed both task concentration and summing up discussion summaries," says Ivy, "there was no orderly solution before QM7." In its case, follow-up is very important because it is safety, an area where there is no room for error.

About QM7, Ivy heard for the first time as part of the pilot led by The chief of staff, Mr. Ori Tzoref. "Since I was a user of the previous system and as the coordinator of the division's management, I was asked to take part in the pilot," says Ivy.

To date, Ivy is responsible for the ongoing tracking of thousands of tasks, discussions, and decisions each year throughout the organization. Ivy is one of the leaders in the organization pushing forward for the proper, efficient and effective management of the many goals and challenges facing Israel Railways. Through QM7, Ivy leads the longitudinal tasks of Israel Railways and contributes to the management team. Ivy also contributes greatly to the employees in mentoring the system, as evidenced by her colleagues.

QM7 recognizes "Execution Leaders" who leverage QM7 to get things done effectively. These leaders run great meetings with clear action items, followed by effective execution. They engage the team with long and short-term goals and inspire everyone with confidence and peace of mind.

Execution Leaders receive their own dedicated post on QM7 blog. We also promote our Executive Leaders on social channels, providing maximum exposure to top-level leaders around the globe.

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Israel Railways is a government-owned company engaged in transporting passengers and cargo throughout Israel. The Israel Railways has set a goal to connect cities and villages, people and communities, to open a wide range of new social and economic options and opportunities for employment, education, culture, leisure, and entertainment. Israel Railways has been leading a revolution in recent years, which makes it the fastest growing transportation company and the largest transportation infrastructure company in Israel. As an organization whose values are efficient and timely, QM7 is the way for Israel Railways to help employees and teams carry out their work efficiently and simply.



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