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Industrial manufacturing

Quality Assurance
Manager of Iscar global
tool manufacturer


The performance, reliability and scalability advantages of QM7 are here today for a world leader of unique and innovative metalworking and cutting tools. The company is a leading global manufacturer of tools and tool molds, which are used in a wide spectrum of industries such as medical, aerospace automotive, shipbuilding and wind power. The company is 80% owned by a well-known global industry magnate: “This is a dream deal. It has surpassed all the expectations I had when buying the company, and my expectations had been very high.” He uses the company’s business model and efficiency as a model for his other large companies to emulate.

Company Profile

The company was started in 1952 in a wooden garage behind the home of its founder. After several years of steady expansion, the company headquarters moved to its current site in the Tefen Industrial Zone, situated in Israel’s Western Galilee. It is now a 4000+ person Campus, employing all the people that live in this area: Jews, Muslims, Christians, and Druze. Says the Quality Assurance Manager of the corporation: “In the Galilee, we live together and we work together. We wouldn’t even think about our differences, but because we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it’s only natural to divide shifts so we can all enjoy our days off without conflicting with our personal culture.”


Why would such a successful company invest in a management tool such as QM7? The QA Manager has a quick answer: “Our company has grown rapidly since the very beginning and its policy has consistently been to think ahead and anticipate problems before they happen. We are therefore always looking for new ways to improve the way it manages productivity and quality.” QM7 helps to improve individual productivity in two ways. First in a proactive way, where management now has a comprehensive system to assign and keep track of employee duties. Meetings are shortened as tasks are reviewed and designated automatically – during the meeting. Secondly, but perhaps more importantly, QM7 saves time and money because its clarity assures that no missions are missed. 

Quality Assurance
Manager of Iscar global
tool manufacturer



QM7 was adopted on a gradual basis, where each department head could decide whether or not to introduce it to into his or her department. Once a department chooses to work with QM7, it is implemented easily as most employees simply receive tasks, which they perform and then close using the system. Only management can open, monitor and close tasks of others. The company Quality Assurance team makes sure that departments that adopt QM7 have a person inside to install the product for employees in that department and provide them with basic training. It also employs a person in its own department to handle technical support issues. Any further questions are taken care of directly by QM7. The product is flexible and future versions take requests of Iscar into account.

Future Plans

The company runs branches all over the world. It has also recently bought three companies in Japan, South Korea, and China. These organizations are gradually introducing QM7 to their own staff. The QA manager illustrates: “These companies are run like clockwork. One would think that they would have no need for a tool to manage tasks and meetings. However, even in the current global business climate, these companies realize that they simply have too many tasks to keep track of all the work they take on. They know that QM7 will provide them with the means to meet hard deadlines with confidence.”


Excellence comes with its own challenges. The better you are, the more business you get: More companies, more departments, more employees and more missions to manage. Executives need to keep track of these tasks and make sure that meetings and resulting missions are followed up. As this world leader grows larger and wider, it is confident that QM7 will help them keep their competitive edge. 

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