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QM7 helps the COO know the status of each action item as they are tracked across the organization in a central system.

Prepare for staff meeting by listing what’s done, what’s in-progress and what is overdue.

Be prepared to talk about the status of each major activity.

Prepare in seconds to ask executives about their open activities.

Stop running after everybody to track action item execution.
Tasks management - COO

“Instead of 15 managers spending 3 hours a week in meetings, it became one manager at a time, spending half an hour. For a business that relies on profit margins of 2%, this is a significant improvement.”

Avner Siaki

Director of Maintenance at Shufersal

Key benefits

Prepare effective, action-driven Meeting minutes

Meeting minutes are important to sync everybody and also to comply with various regulations. Busy people have little time to read meeting minutes. So you need a system that will make meeting minutes structured and easy to read. You also want to track the action items in a central repository so you can find them faster.

Meeting managemet - COO
Tasks management - COO
Be prepared to talk about the status of each major activity.

You are sitting in your office and the CEO is calling for the status of a major activity. Have we got that approval we are waiting for?

Now what?

Do you have to chase someone, call someone else, or wait for the email or WhatsApp to be answered?

When action items are tracked and tagged by subject, it’s easy to see the status while the CEO is on the line.

Prepare in seconds to ask executives about their open activities.

Face time with executives and management team members is dear. Many times, we remember we didn’t ask about that important issue after she left the room. So next time, just before she leaves, you take a look at all the open issues and save the time of that extra phone call.

Tasks management - COO
Work recognition - COO
Improve your relations with corporate executives by becoming the center of recognition

As COO, you are responsible for getting things done. You ask, you verify, you gather information. When you know in real time that an issue is resolved, you can be the hero of the day. Email the boss, send a group message, celebrate success for a minute before everyone goes back to their busy day. It does miracles to the relations, to the good vibes in the office and to the effectiveness of the entire organization.

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