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Get the peace of mind you need by knowing that your people are executing on your strategy and action items.

Make sure nothing falls between the crack by tracking action items from staff meetings and tasks you delegate to others. QM7 helps you and your managers to be at 10 places at once by having access to actual execution data.

Tasks Management - CEO

“Within any given year, tens of thousands of tasks are assigned. Hundreds of meetings are held. Imagine keeping track of that.”

Yehiel Golan

Director of Quality Management at IAI 

Key benefits

Make your staff meetings 10 times more effective

We all know what an ineffective meeting looks like, and how everyone complains about the waste of time. A good meeting is structured and dynamic, with clear action items. When leaving a good meeting, everybody has well-defined action items with clear time-frames. QM7 provides the tool to help you run effective meetings. The methodology and implementation process provide the organizational and cultural framework to drive change and replace old habits with more effective ones.

Meetings Management - CEO

All information in one place for maximum recovery

Comply with regulations

When we are subject to any regulations, it’s not enough that things are discussed and action items are done. We need to keep a record of everything. QM7 keeps the record of every meeting and every action item with a detailed audit trail. Moreover, the access levels make it suitable for handling confidential information securely.

Make sure people are engaged with the activities in hand and go the extra mile to achieve them

Employee engagement is not just a buzzword. When people are engaged, they are much more effective. Remember the story of the two builders who were asked: “What are you making?” One described the new hospital that will cure the sick and the other said he was making $10 an hour. In QM7, an action item that comes from a meeting includes the summary of the relevant meeting section. That means the action item comes with the context. Research shows that when we understand the “Why,” we are much more effective and engaged.

Employee engagement - CEO
Meeting preparation - CEO
Be prepared in minutes to 1:1 meetings with your executives

Every executive would wish they had more time to prepare for 1:1 meetings. But life has its own pace, and many times, we are lucky to even make these meetings on-time. When all the enterprise action-items are in one place, you can take one minute to know what they owe you and what you owe them.

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