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Execution Leader Of The Month

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QM7 chooses Einav Bar Nes of the Tel Aviv Municipality as Execution Leader of the Month

MONEY, as it turns out, is very often the most expensive way to motivate people. Social norms are not only cheaper but often more effective as well.

Dan Ariely, Predictably Irrational

Execution Peace of Mind

We all know what an ineffective meeting looks like, and how everyone complains about the waste of time. A good meeting is structured and dynamic, with clear action items. When leaving a good meeting, everybody has well-defined action items with clear time-frames. QM7 provides the tool to help you run effective meetings. The methodology and implementation process provide the organizational and cultural framework to drive change and replace old habits with more effective ones.


In order to execute our strategy, we have to track action items and want to hold everybody accountable for what they committed to deliver. Tracking action items in a central repository allows us to find them faster, see the big picture and zoom-in for details. Tasks should come with context so people are fully engaged and feel they are part of the bigger mission. When regulation compliance is needed, task management should keep an audit trail, and sometimes allow for complex situations, like when someone else has to approve that a task is successfully complete.


Execution Peace of mind

Keeping track of all the things you have to do, you agreed to do or you want others to do can be very stressful. In order to execute the best, your team needs peace of mind, and you need some too. QM7 offers a single repository of execution data combined with research-backed leadership and motivational methodology. Tasks are managed away from your busy mind, allowing everyone to access them when needed. Now, everyone has the peace of mind to perform at their best.

QM7 chooses Einav Bar Nes of the Tel Aviv Municipality as Execution Leader of the Month

July 1, 2018

QM7 Chooses Eyal Ariely from the Meuhedet Health Fund as Execution Leader of the Month

June 1, 2018

QM7 Chooses Itzik Anijar of Cofix as Execution Leader of the Month

May 1, 2018

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